Orgasm Training Kit

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By purchasing this kit, you have many more options and you will speed up the process of Rebooting Your Sex Life considerably. The G-Spot Activator® is not a sex toy but rather a sex tool used for awakening the G-Spot. The Magic Wand saves a lot of effort and increases stimulation to the clitoris and G-Spot.

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These products are fully functional and have the same great features you know and love. The Hitachi Magic Wand within the kit is a discontinued model and may have slight cosmetic imperfections; this kit is discounted accordingly.

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Kit contains:
Hitachi Magic Wand
Wand G-Spotter attachment
G-Spot Activator®
Glide ID® water based Lubricant 2.8 oz
Reboot Your Sex Life Instruction Booklet

The Reboot Your Sex Life program is a step-by-step, proven plan for gratifying sex and a happier life! The program was created by Dave Lampert, Inventor of Sybian and utilizes the orgasm training kit. Simple, yet effective exercises target your G-Spot and clitoris separately, or both areas simultaneously, so you can teach your body to become easily and multiply orgasmic.

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