Option 2

Option #2 – Purchase the Orgasm Training Kit

Our exclusive kit contains a Hitachi Magic Wand w/G-Spotter attachment; G-Spot Activator®; Glide ID® brand – water base Lubricant 2.8 oz; ForPlay® Adult Toy Cleanser – with nonoxynol-9, 2.25 oz; detailed instruction booklet on how to have Orgasms Easily & Multiply (also available for download from this website); and a blindfold.

By purchasing this kit, you have many more options and will speed up the process of Rebooting Your Sex Life considerably. The G-Spot Activator® is not a “sex toy” but rather a “sex tool” that is guaranteed usable for a lifetime. It is of extreme value while Rebooting Your G-Spot. The Activator is something you will use from time to time for fun.

By purchasing the Magic Wand, you are adding an electric device that will save a lot of effort and increase the stimulation. By adding the G-Spotter attachment, you have an item that can be inserted vaginally to massage the hard to get to G-Spot area. The Magic Wand can be used to stimulate the clitoris without the attachment and has two speeds. Click on the image to purchase the kit today!


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