Report 4

Able to have several whole body orgasms. I am in awe!! LOVING THE RESULTS IN BEING SATISFIED…Oh Yeah Only reason I put 9 because I have not reached 50 yet for a session. But I have so many now I can’t remember…the FULL BODY…DAM I am loving what you have taught me on what my body can do…now I know why it was so important to go through steps…The wand with attachment was a gift my body wishes it knew about years ago, then maybe it was best to go step by step and still do with starting with the exercising of G-spot activator. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AND 2012 my body knows more about itself than any other year. AMAZING!!!
Participant # 116

My body has become very responsive to minimal stimulation!!! I have become multiply orgasmic with the G-spot being stimulated by either myself, a toy, or my partner. By adding the Clitoris stimulation I have been able to have continuous orgasmic responses for up to 20 minutes or longer. I went from being totally non-orgasmic to being easily stimulated by such things as the vibration from riding in my car, brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush, breast manipulations and becoming easily aroused with deep breathing exercises such as is used in Yoga. WooHoo!! thank you!
Participant #417

During this reporting period my attitude and outlook has changed from thinking it may take me a little longer than most to achieve it, but since receiving the magic wand it has changed. I have used dozens of toys over the years to try to find the one, I finally discovered it! With the magic wand I am able to achieve orgasm more quickly and accuratly. I am very excited to play harder and experience more orgasms during the next reporting period.
Participant #175

My orgasms were much more intense and they seem to keep getting more and more intense each time. I don’t feel like I have had anything full body yet, but I’m certainly not complaining about my progress. Now that I’m able to reach my G spot easier with the Magic Wand I feel that it’s been a whole lot easier to get myself off. It feels great even though I’m not squirting. And I am having some sort of orgasm that is not just clitoral.
Participant #135

I feel like I have made tremendous progress since starting phase 2. I finally orgasmed vaginally!! I love the magic wand attachment! Since I orgasmed the first time, g spot stimulation has felt better and I think I will be able to continue practicing the techniques and will be able to have vaginal orgasms easier. I’m so glad I bought the magic wand and attachment to bump me up to this level because I was so discouraged and didn’t think I would be able to orgasm vaginally. I’ve never had a problem with clitoral orgasms but I am just now learning to keep going for more and that has been so much fun! By the end of the session I am like a wet noodle. I’ve been getting great sleep too!
Participant #418

It was an amazing feeling to have it travel throughout my body, it has definitely added to our lovemaking and excitement. i am getting to enjoy more and soon will be able to have multiple on multiple
Participant #390

Full body orgasm, I feel warm and glowing all over with the orgasm. It starts in the pelvic area n\and then travels to the rest of the body with a warm glow and total relaxation following the orgasm.
Participant #243

Able to have several whole body orgasms. I am able to orgasm easily and multiply from clitoral and g spot stimulation both together and seperatly but only while on my back and having a harder time while kneeling and standing but still not at all in positions with a partner while kneeling or any position having my partner behind me.
Participant #313

Able to have several whole body orgasms. The g spot orgasms are incredible. My sex life has gone to a whole new level!! Thank you!
Participant #355

I am very pleased with the results from this study so far. I never thought I would be able to have an orgasm, let alone during sex. I have been having sex with my partner more frequently as a result, but that has taken away some of my time I otherwise would use to do my exercises solo. I do not feel like I have pushed the limits with how many times I can orgasm so I look forward to that as well as clitoral stimulations. I have achieved orgasms during sex which is a great victory. I would still like to have more orgasms and whole body orgasms.
Participant #285

Able to have several whole body orgasms. I body felt like I was pulsing after each one every single time. I went beyond my expectation and I am very much happy.
Participant #455

Able to have several whole body orgasms. I had 6 full body orgasms. I am almost able to have orgasms quicker than i was before plus have full body orgasms.
Participant #155

My results still vary widely from session to session. That is primarily a mental issue – difficult to leave the activities and stressors of the day behind and focus on sex.
Participant #401

With the clitoral stimulation and the g- spot stimulation at the same time it makes it feel so good better than it ever has before. And it makes me cum more and quicker. I think I’m at 7 because I could have orgasm with clitoral stimulation before i started this. But never with g-spot stimulation. Now I can with g-spot and clitoral. But i would like to experience a whole body orgasm and that hasn’t happened yet.
Participant #459

Able to have several whole body orgasms. There were a couple of sessions that left me comatose.
Participant #312

Finally having at least one full body orgasm every other session. feeling a lot better in my sessions that i am now having a full body orgasms.
Participant #206

Went to a new place, with no distractions and just concentrated on my partner and the feelings I was experiencing. I let my self do what felt right and was able to orgasm quite frequently. And my partner had me squirting 5 times.
Participant #389

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