Report 3

Project manager note: We have tried to include comments from participants in various stages of progress.

I was so impressed with expelling of the fluid. It kept coming and coming. We soaked the bed and went through four towels. It was easier with my partner, When I did with myself it was a little bit of fluid each time. I like gush with my partner! I just let go and was able to come. Now pressure and expectations. i just released next thing i know I kept coming and coming and coming. I think I came about 8 time we counted and several time after the first time. I came with the g-spot Activator a little and after I took out I had to go to the bathroom and fluid expelled down my left and it was not urine. Thanks for offering this study! Smile ! Smile ! Smile ! I am able to expel each every time I with my partner or myself. I can’t wait for clitoris stimulation vibrator.
Participant #455

The exercise have worked very well to stimulate the g spot.I have gained so much knowledge from this section. I can have orgasm through penetration and i never could before. When i started i had never had an orgasm through penetration now i do every time and it is getting much easier to get there every time. it has improved my sex life 90 % . I could have and orgasm through clitoral stimulation before now being able to do that both ways is much better.
Participant #459

As the study continues I am having better orgasms in a much quicker time and numerous times during the sessions. I am also letting out fluid less times. In the beginning of the study I had to push and expel liquid to have the orgasm and they were less pleasurable. Once you said we could use the handle after the 20 minutes I tried it and it was so great. I guess after stimulating for the 20 minutes I could just feel it so nicely. I did this the past two times and had an unbelievable orgasm using the handle. These exercises should be required studies for all girls at a younger age! I am 45 and can’t believe what I have been missing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want to be easily orgasmic and more orgasmic from intercourse and these exercises are teaching my body to know what to do to feel it more. I feel that I am learning more and my body is knowing what to do on its own without me having to push as much. It just gets better and better.
Participant #287

I was ill and not able to participate as much as possible. Doing the exercises and having great thoughts in my mind has the orgasms coming easier and are really strong. I am letting myself be in the moment and not thinking about anything but the pleasure. I was not able to participate much. BUT intense and long orgasms, wow. Thanks
Participant #276

I mentioned last time that simply using the blindfold did not help me limit my focus to my pelvic area- I attempted to use music in the background and that did help a little bit. I definitely utilized the handle of the g-spot activator in the way we were instructed in the email about rocking it back and forth to stimulate the g-spot and it did feel really good…. the sensation is much different (but good) on the g-spot with the handle than the actual activator device- it definitely makes you horny and kind of grind on the handle a bit. First time I used the handle in this fashion I orgasmed rather quickly- but now it’s taking a little longer to orgasm in the same manner.
Participant #263

I am still unable to have more than two orgasms at a time. But having a blast trying. I am having a great time now and I had thought I was no longer sexual. My partner and I are exploring more and finding that we still can learn something new. I am glad I started this. Not at a 10 yet but having fun on the trip.
Participant #266

It has definitely made sex more enjoyable. I feel like I can’t keep going they are too intense. But I am so glad I can finally have an orgasm that way! I can orgasm but I want to be able to have it more frequently and easier.
Participant #256

My partner was able to give me multiple orgasms once. It was amazing. Several times I have felt the urge to ‘pee’ but have not gone beyond that. But before this study began I had never felt this before
Participant #218

I have squirted 3 times in the last 2 sessions. although i have squirted in the last 2 sessions i still only have orgasms in my pelvic area
Participant #206

I was able to have more than one orgasm with ejaculate with the feeling limited to the pelvic area! It is getting easier to have orgasms! I am more easily able to have an orgasm with ejaculate but would like to be able to have full body orgasms.
Participant #196


While I have still yet to have a full body orgasm, I feel my body getting more conditioned to last longer when my G-Spot is stimulated.
Participant #306

I had mixed results this period. I felt good with my orgasms, about the same as last month. A few times my partner and I had good results, but a few times we ended up stopping and going back to normal sex. It was just the mood both of us were in. My orgasms are feeling great, and I have much more control than I did before.
Participant #310

I can feel my full body into the situation but it’s difficult to describe. I notice my reaction times are getting considerably lower as the study progresses and I notice that my full body is engaged instead of just limiting feeling to one region.
Participant #320

I just am still in shock that I can actually squirt. I think I had 12 orgasms the one session!!
Participant #355

It keeps getting better every time. A couple of times I noticed that having indigestion or a slightly upset stomach definitely interferes more with this than with normal intercourse. So I tend to really watch what I eat knowing a “session” is going to happen! On two occasions the squirting was quite profuse and is directly proportional to the level of climax so this is our goal. I’d like to think that I could achieve these orgasms through intercourse, but though we’ve tried many positions and techniques it seems the best response is always with lovers lift, by my husband, with me lying on my back. I will be very interested to see what comes next in the study. I’d like to be able to achieve whole body orgasms through intercourse. I would like to have multiple orgasms also involving the clitoris and not feeling like I am “finished” after a clitoral orgasm.
Participant #403

I am having what I call “energetic orgasms” throughout the session, and generally complete it with a more clitoral oriented orgasm and release of most of the ejaculate which seems to release also at other times as well. I am beginning to be able to rely on my response to the stimulation instead of getting frustrated by it.
Participant #408

I found that I could let my mind go…..finally. I have reached orgasm within 10 minutes and have sustained having multiple orgasms for up to 20 plus minutes!!! This success has only been with my partner. I am not able to do that by myself.
Participant #417

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