Report 1

WOW!  It happened!  I squirted THREE times!   Very different from a clitoral orgasm!! He and I were head to toe.  He used his thumb to rub my g spot. With his other hand he rubbed my leg and my foot that was draped over his chest.  When I felt the urge I bore down and eventually squirted, and it happened three times! I can’t believe it!  Incredible! Never thought this would EVER happen!  THANK YOU!!  He is thrilled.
Participant #355

I was interested and surprised how easily I could feel the difference in the tissues between “regular” vaginal tissue and what I assume to be the G spot. However, the area was quite large and extended a round the pubic bone almost to the urethra, but at the “top”, the location described in the video and other materials, there was a knob of slightly harder but similarly textured tissue. I work on both areas to determine whether one was more sensitive and didn’t feel a huge difference, but the “knob” may have been slightly more sensitive/pleasurable. I will continue to try to determine where the most sensitive location is.
Participant #329

I was extremely happy to have found that spot, was very surprised that I actually have a Gspot.
Participant #307

I had two orgasms on two occasions – both when self-stimulating  – orgasms felt confined to the pelvic area. I believe this was the first time I’ve ever had orgasms without clitoral stimulation.
Participant #401

The first few times it hurt so we decided to try shorter sessions more often, now it doesn’t hurt and is starting to feel a little good.
Participant #222

I could definitely feel when my partner was hitting my G-spot and it was a wonderful sensation.  I can see how I might be able to orgasm in the near future.
Participant #318

Feels really good. Although I haven’t experienced an orgasm this way, I feel like I want to and could. I feel like I’ve gained enough knowledge to make it happen but I need more practice at making it work.
Participant #347

It takes about 10 min to become stimulated. Usually the “lift” method for the first few minutes,finishing with the “come here” method, to the first orgasm.Ejaculate during the second orgasm and sometimes on into the third and forth orgasm. This is usually attained during solo and not with a partner. Although , multiple orgasm are reached with partner but no ejaculation.
Participant #459

I am feeling things I never felt before, so I know I am on the right track to becoming more easily orgasmic. I am excited to see what is next on the study and I am also eager to train my body how to expel and have many future full body orgasms.
Participant #354

Things have gone extensively better. Was able to find the G-Spot with the first session. It took a little while but once it was found I was able to tell my husband that was the spot and to continue with that area. Had MULTIPLE Full Body Orgasms. I had never been able to really find that area until after watching the videos and seeing the approximate area of the G-Spot. I actually cried after having multiple orgasms and finding the G-spot. It was happy tears, not pain tears. I have not been able to have success prior to the start of this and am very happy so far with the results.
Participant #163

I’ve been feeling sensations that I have never felt before. With each session the sensations were better and better.  I feel that with continuation of the exercises that I may actually be able to be brought to a full body orgasm. But at this point it’s been a little difficult reaching the G-Spot as both mine and my partners fingers aren’t long enough to make reaching easy. I think when we receive the G-Spot activator it will make it easier to reach and possibly easier to attain the orgasm that we’re trying to make.
Particpant #135

I can easily achieve clitoral multiple orgasms, but nothing vaginal. I think locating the g-spot was a big step.  There should be no reason I can’t activate it.  The g-spot does seem small and somewhat folded. When stimulating it on all fours it seemed to open up.
Participant #462

There is a noticeable increase in sensation to what I believe to be my G-spot each time I self-stimulate, particularly if I have done it previously within the past two days. Practicing vocalization has made made vocalization during sex feel more natural and keep the mindset. Often time I will begin vocalizing and then concentrate on a visualization to help me get hornier and have stopped vocalizing without realizing it or greatly reduced the volume.  When I begin vocalizing more it gets me back on track.   I look forward to sex more often and want to have it for longer periods of time. On one occasion I watched soft-core porn with my partner and it helped me to be horny for sex and to self-stimulate past sex. My only complaint is that self-stimulation for 20 minutes is tiring and sometimes i get frustrated with the work aspect and it distracts from my pleasure.
Participant #285

I am so thrilled with the results. My husband is a truck driver and not able to help with these. But he is reaping the rewards on the weekend! We both  have learned things about my body that we did not know. With each session the sensations are more intense than the one before. Nothing measurable but i feel the increase in intensity. I expect to have the full body orgasm in the near future. One side note: After seeing the clip “Lovers Lift”” and watching her orgasm I realized that was the same reaction i created in a friend of mine, quite by accident. I was excited to discover that.
Participant #228

My husband and i are doing this together.  he has been helping me to experience this type or orgasm. He says he can feel the difference inside where the g spot is and i can feel it different too. I have not squirted yet but have had the urge to pee, i am going to push and try to do that next.
Participant #390

I have felt more sensation and a greater feeling of orgasm during manual internal stimulation then I have in the past. Neither my partner or myself had ever tried any of the positions or methods before.   I look forward to continuing the research.
Participant #227

I am able to have multiple orgasms while laying flat on my back and I have always been able to, but only in this position. I am wanting to learn to more orgasmic in all other positions and the exercises are teaching me to be more aware attentive to how I’m feeling although i don’t really like using my fingers but i really wanting to teach myself to enjoy sexual activity in other positions can’t wait to receive the activator.
Participant #313

One session resulted in multiple and full body orgasm. Was definitely different than anything I’ve ever felt. Tried again and came close but will have to keep trying. I don’t feel relaxed in many of the other positions besides laying on my back.
Participant #403

Hard to let go of preconceived notions about masturbation.
Participant #316

I was able to keep going and have 2 orgasms before i stopped   “when i can have more orgasms more freely then i will be a very happy woman”
Participant #155

Had full body Os… some were less intense, but Os none the less.
Participant #219

Honestly, initially after I watched the videos I was a little disturbed by what I saw (which is highly unusual for me) and had a difficult time believing and understanding the reactions. I decided to wait some time to process and rewatched a couple of them and felt more comfortable with what I saw. When I tried it, it felt good, but my hand tired quickly and felt bad that I only last about 10 minutes. I am wholly prepared to go into the next two weeks with at least twice per week. I also feel that using a toy would help me reach and last longer. I did find it helpful to use my hand for locating and did do a couple of short self massages on the g-spot after the initial 10 min time. These couple of short self massages occurred after some thought and pleasurable stroking of the labia. It felt a bit more natural and I was able to focus better. The only shame was the lack of time to continue in those moments.
Participant #292

Had timer set for 20 minutes, then started enjoying the feeling so much I lost track of time, tried for more than 3 :-)- maybe the 20 minutes is good for those who get sore, massaging the G-spot…I will be going for persistence if I get one I need to keep going like you said for more, so far so good. I believe now that I know where the G-spot is, it was easy to ejaculate several times, feeling of release, but it was not a whole body experience, not clitoris orgasm. I wanted to massage it, but it was not in the instructions. Don’t know if this makes sense, but I can squirt and even drench through towels, but the orgasm is like a release minus the tingling feeling of a orgasm with the clitoris. I know there is much more to learn about my body and why I hold back for the full orgasm experience.
Participant #116

My orgasms have been less over the years than in my younger days…life takes its tole…I hope to be able to give myself more time to enjoy myself like I once did…I also want to be able to get more out of my orgasms and be able to enjoy longer sessions with my husband and friends.
Participant #266

I felt both pleasure internally as well as a difference in texture when I felt my g-spot. It reminded me of sensations that I have felt doing intercourse and especially during foreplay with fingers inside my vagina. I have felt the need to pee before with these sensations with other people. I started to feel the sensation of having to pee, but was unable to maintain it at this point.
Participant #292

I found out 2 weeks ago that I am pregnant so it threw out my focus a little but got on track this week. Although I can orgasm it is always through clitoral stimulation and it is sometimes hard to achieve unless I am clenching certain muscles and in a certain position. I would love to be able to overcome this and achieve gspot orgasms and full body orgasms.
Participant #452

I thought the videos were very helpful…look forward to using the G-spot stimulator and the other things as well.
Participant #231

I felt a good feeling and came close to orgasming. But, I was unable to reach the orgasms above until I switched to other forms of stimulation, after my 20-minute sessions on only G-spot exercises.
Participant #468

When I felt the need to urinate I pushed and if I continued to stimulate it felt good and fluid was expelled. I know the goal of this study and exercises are to teach us how to squirt and so I am looking forward to continuing to see if the exercises do actually teach my body to respond better during actual sex. I do think I orgasmed but it wasn’t the same feeling as when I allow myself to stimulate my clitoris as well as g spot. It was not as intense. I am looking forward to continuing to work on it and hopefully get somewhere near the girl in the video clip 🙂 I would like to be easily orgasmic where it isn’t a lot of time and effort. I would like to be able to be orgasmic from regular sex and not only by external or non-sex stimulation. i feel hopeful that these exercises will help me learn some techniques to help my body do what it needs to do to get that stimulation.
Participant #287

I can’t reach my g-spot myself; it’s too far back. My husband has used a version of Lover’s Lift a number of times before I entered this study and it always felt good, but, as happened this time as well, my g-pot and the anterior wall of my vagina became sore after about 15 minutes when we then had intercourse, which definitely benefitted from the previous activity! The in-out motion was more irritating than enjoyable.
Participant #220

i need to be tied down ; ) i keep pulling away.  My partner has been out of town, but back this weekend ; ) and am excited to have him do this continuously (regardless of my screams) I wish I could force myself to stay in contact with fingers, i pull myself away, not as sensitive as clitoris but still sensitive.  i did get to the point during my second exercise and I am not sure what the feeling was.  it felt as if i was sooooo close to having an orgasm but couldnt quite get there, it felt good and frustrating at the same time.  I want to have multiples and i want to squirt.  i want to control the squirting and do not think i want to do this everytime. I like sex in odd places and sometimes on the spur of the moment. not sure if i want to be that messy all the time. 🙂
Participant #366

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