Final Report with Statistics

Overall, we gave you many things to do and think about as well as a minimum # of times for doing these things. Using the options below, select the one you believe represents your participation level for the entire study. Rate yourself!

Excellent – I/we did everything that was asked during the study 12%
Very Good – I/we did what you asked for 85% of the study 44%
Good – I/we did what you asked for 70% of the study 19%
OK – I/we did what you asked for 50% of the study 7%
Fair – I/we did what you asked for 25% of the study 19%

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being sorry I participated and 10 being exceptionally happy I participated, rate your degree of satisfaction with this study.

Rating Percentage

10 – 49% Exceptionally happy I participated
9 – 5%
8 – 21%
7 – 7%
6 – 5%
5 – 9%
4 – 2%
3 – 0%
2 – 0%
1 – 2% Sorry I participate

During the course of the study, did you find it difficult to devote the requested time?

9%   said None of the Time
72% said Some of the Time
12% said Most of the Time
7%   said All of the Time

81% said they had never experienced a whole body orgasm prior to the study. 63% of those said they had their 1st whole body orgasm during the study.  91% of those said they experienced more than one whole body orgasm during a session. The highest number of whole body orgasms per session was in the 20’s.

Clitoral stimulation was introduced only in the last six weeks of the study and within that time 79% said they could now have multiple clitoral orgasms and 72% said they had reduced the time required to start having clitoral orgasms.

Did you try regularly to push your body to respond more times?

23% said All of the Time
44% said Most of the Time
23% said Some of the Time
9% said None of the Time

60% said that during the study they experienced clitoral and vaginal orgasms simultaneously. 50% of those said they also ejaculated to have all three sensations at the same time.

When asked “Assuming you made progress and are now more responsive, has this new ability had a positive effect on areas of your life NOT associated with sex?” 44% said Yes.  “I feel a lot more connected to my husband which I believe keeps the stress level of raising a young family down. Very positive.”

Although this is the end of the study do you plan to continue these exercises and continue to make progress? 95% said Yes

67% of those in this study worked with a partner while others may have had a partner but they did not participate.

97% of those that worked with a partner said their sexual relationship improved as did communication between them.

91% said they believe that starting the study with the G-Spot was a good idea.

When asked “If this were available to anyone over the Internet, would you recommend the participants keep notes of time spent and progress made? 81% said Yes

When asked “After participating in the study, do you now believe that a person’s body can be trained to respond easily and multiply to sexual stimuli?” 91% said Yes

The following are selected comments from participants made in this final report.

Editors note. This first participant below has been active in the Lifestyles for some time and is age 51.
Never did I think I could have clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time as ejaculating. The whole body orgasm I call it I’m going to “RAIN” I say to men I only wish you could feel like I do. So awesome. It is hard to walk after and I know to hydrate myself well because I become so dehydrated so I lay there and enjoy till my energy level is up…
I am still in awe…What I learned about my body was truly amazing. I would market your G-Spot stimulator with the exercise instructions to all women out there. I talk to so many and none even believe they can ejaculate. It is a shame for those that don’t have the knowledge. I thank you for what you have taught me and will let other women know how wonderful god created this body of ours for pleasure. It should be shared. Too many women out there are afraid to ask. I thank you with all my heart for letting me be apart of this amazing study. If the G-spot activator goes on the market please let me know so I can give the info to inquiring minds. And I work in a club and believe me there is many out there without a clue and that goes for men knowing how to please us, but i feel the woman needs to know her body first so she can explain to her partner with communication. Thank you.
Participant #116

I have had vaginal and clitoral orgasms simultaneously while stimulating both at the same time. I learned how to stimulate my g-spot in order to have vaginal orgasms multiply. That is not something I knew was possible. I had real doubts about having multiple clitoral orgasms. When this last Phase started I was very doubtful I would be able to continue. But I am oh so happy to say I was able to push passed it and can orgasm multiply from clitoral stimulation.
I am extremely satisfied with this program and I think it should be required for all females at an early age so they can enjoy sex to the fullest extent possible. By participating in this study and program, I have learned to respond in ways I never thought possible and to respond multiple times which I didn’t think was possible. I can’t thank you enough!
Participant #287

Before starting I didn’t know if there would be any results, even at the end of the study, because I had never felt pleasure from sex, had never masturbated, and had issues regarding sex [rape, abuse, etc.] from the past. I was very curious, though, and I wanted to keep an open mind during the whole entire study. I was curious about the results and what an orgasm would feel like, if I ever managed to have one.
At first, I did not know if my body would respond to this at all, but now that I can have full body orgasms, I find it spectacular that I can feel this way!
I am thrilled to see what progress I have made and what obstacles I have overcome in such a short amount of time! This study is absolutely fantastic, and more people, especially women, should be made aware of what their bodies can do, if trained properly!
Participant #246

I started at a 1 and am now a 7…. There has not been THAT much time since we started the study which tells me that if I keep up the exercises things will only get better. The clitoral orgasms come quicker now and just overall feel better- it’s hard to describe really. I definitely have grown throughout this study. I just wish I had a partner to do exercises with throughout the study because I believe a partner would have pushed me further than I pushed myself. I did have to consistently tell myself just keep going.
I am impressed with my results- I would have never thought that I could ejaculate nor that I could have a full body orgasm. This was an EXCELLENT experience that I would recommend over and over to people who need a little more spice and fire in the bedroom due to ‘bad sex’ and have a difficult time reaching orgasm. Thank you for everything- I’d be more than happy to participate in another study!
Participant #263

My mindset entering the study was nervousness and doubtful. I thought I was incapable of learning my g-spot in addition to experiencing full body orgasms. This study brought us closer together as we both explored my body in more detail together, and communicated concerning my orgasms. I feel more confident, I am in a better mood most of time, and I feel closer to my husband. I am satisfied with the demeanor your staff setup the study. I am ecstatic to now be able to experience clitoral and vaginal orgasms simultaneously and the ability to ejaculate. A surprising affect of this study is I now stay naturally lubricated more than prior to this study. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this study and changing my life for the better.
Participant #175

I found that pushing my body more has helped in allowing me to respond sooner. Hopefully with each experience I will finally ejaculate.
I feel a lot more connected with my husband which I believe keeps the stress level of raising a young family down. Very positive.
Very satisfied. I would never have learned this on my own and would never consider seeking it out. My husband had heard about the study and asked me to inquire about it. I learned so much valuable info that I will continue to put into practice. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate.
Participant #347

Surprised I can now ejaculate and have full body orgasms. Wasn’t sure I could be trained and am thrilled that I was.
Participant #139

I wish I had had this knowledge MUCH sooner. I wish it were more readily available to women. I am thrilled I did this as multiple orgasms and ejaculation are something every woman should experience.
I wasn’t sure I even believed in female ejaculation. Multiple orgasms were extremely rare and I wouldn’t have believed I could respond this way. Thank you! I am extremely satisfied and I have been telling all of my friends about this. I am disappointed that very few have made the effort to learn these exercises.
Participant #403

Did not think in the beginning that I would get any where in this study….I Did not expect any results for a very long time but it did work faster than I thought. I thought that the time would take longer than the study allowed ….now ejaculate at least 1 every session being that i could not orgasms easily prior to the study…i do believe that this would really help a lot of women all over the world
Participant #206

I have been able to experience both orgasms. Even though the study may be concluded, we will continue as we have enjoyed our participation. I have a better outlook each day and feel more content with my life.
Its hard to summarize something that is going to be on going for us. It has helped us become closer and has helped improve both of our outlook. who wouldn’t like knowing that what they do for their partner satisfies them undeniably? this has helped him learn how to satisfy me even more than before and in doing so has helped his own self-confidence in knowing that I am satisfied.
Participant #390

I thought going into this that it wouldn’t teach me anything. That nothing would change. At the beginning of the study I couldn’t have an orgasm with penetration. But now i can almost every time, it just make it so much better. It doesn’t take very long to have an orgasm. At the beginning it would take a while to get to that point but now it doesn’t take long at all. I’m so glad i decided to do this study it has helped out tremendously.
Participant #459

The Magic Wand is just that “Magic” for clitoral and whole body orgasms when I’m alone. My fingers seem to work the best for G-Spot orgasms. I am very glad we were accepted in this study. It was great to grow in my sexuality and learn how to please myself. It has made our sex life more satisfying than ever. We want to thank you for allowing us to participate in this study. It has been a positive experience for both of us.
Participant #118

This study has opened up doors for me beyond what I thought possible. It has greatly improved satisfaction in my sexual relationship and overall I feel like a more complete woman.
Overall I feel like I have had great success. I made gradual progress and no doubt would have made more if not for my injury. I feel so fortunate that my boyfriend heard an ad for this study on Howard Stern- it really has been a life changer for my relationship and “personal time.” Thank you so much for conducting this study. I don’t want to imagine where I would be without it.
Participant #285

When I first came into the study I was super excited because I was hoping that my sex life would be much better than it was already and far less frustrating. I knew that getting results was going to take some time, and I was willing to work at it.
I am now getting wetter and having a much easier time orgasming which makes my partner feel good which in turn makes me feel good as well. I think that it worked out very nicely for me. I didn’t think my orgasms could be quite as intense let alone have anything other than clitoral at all. I think that once we got the Hitachi wands that was what really helped me and I plan on continuing to use that in my progress.
Participant #135

Participating in the study has put me more at ease with my sexuality.
Participant #160

I went into this with an open mind. My hopes were to learn how to be orgasmic. I learned a lot more about myself physically and mentally. I also am now orgasmic and having fun. WE are communicating our desires and wants. I explain how I want something done and he is responsive. We are on a new adventure now! I am totally thrilled with my experience. I am so confident in my self now. I wish I had this knowledge when I was younger.
Participant #417

It was the best experience that i have had in a long time and continue to use the method i was taught plus tell my friends about it
Participant #155

I think that the main thing I learned was that I could train and condition my body to respond differently sexually. I think we often just assume “this is the way it is” and that the responses you start with are those you will always have. Not true! I intend to continue my “conditioning program” to see where it will take me, and push myself to persist even when I am a bit frustrated.
Participant #329

I was skeptical when I saw the initial video with the exercises. The G spot stimulation was a great to start the program. It wakes up your sexual desire and gave me feelings I never experienced or felt before.
Participant #354

The consistent G-Spot stimulation was very exciting and worthwhile in enhancing my overall sexual development. Having a course of study helped increase motivation to improve the level of sexual fulfillment. Obtaining the wand with the G-Spot attachment also added a significant level of sexual fulfillment.
Participant #418

I did not expect to see the results immediately. I actual did not expect the results that I did get. I thought I was too old and my body would not respond like I did when I was in my 20’s. In short I thought I lost that ability with age. I have been able to revive the vaginal orgasm simultaneously along with ejaculate which I thought was lost a long time ago. I believe this was very worthwhile for my husband and I participate. The strongly believe that the G-spot stimulation exercise was best to start with for me. Prior to the test I was only able to have a clitoral orgasm. I was very pleased with the study and my progression. It helped me to exercise and train my G-spot which was sleeping.
Participant #243
Editors note: she is 51

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