6 Month Follow Up Comments

Participants Who Completed the Study

#116 Age 51
To those of you who read this, it comes from my heart with all honesty and sincerity. The study I did for G-spot activator was unbelievable. You know us Women hear, Oh I can have muti-orgasms, ejaculate, etc… I never believed it. Now six months later this woman has gone to levels her body thought would never happen. We are all capable; we just need the insight on how our bodies work. Thanks to this research and having followed “ALL” instructions, I am one of those Women who can say I have muti vaginal and clitoral orgasms with ejaculation. I am a squirter! I still do my exercises including the” lift” and “come here” with the g-spot activator. I can now easily start to have orgasms 20 seconds into my personal play time without a partner. Ejaculating comes so easy and feels amazing. I recently bought one of my own Sybians which is my partner! I am vocal and have muti-orgasms that last well over an hour. If you just give yourself that quality time with no interruptions and be free spirited you will amaze yourself with what your body can do. If not for this research I never would have known how to get to this point because there are no books that tell you. This experience for me was life changing and I am not stopping, I know my body is learning more everyday that goes by. When I do have a partner I now know what I need. Communication is so important. Also I need to mention it does help those of you with chronic pain. I have a spinal cord implant that is all internal. I also have chronic migraines. If you get to them right when they start; our bodies apparently release endorphins during orgasms that help pain and migraines, not to mention achieving the ultimate sexual pleasure. I really can’t express how grateful I am to have been included in this research study. You are welcome to ask me what levels I have achieved a year from now. I share my knowledge with Women I know. They are amazed and eager to learn.

#118 Age 51
Yes we did continue [with the exercises], mostly with the lovers lift. We did it about 3 times a week. I have squirting orgasms every time. Yes our sex life is better now than it was before, my desire for sex is greater, I have more orgasms through intercourse then I ever had before. I ejaculate and have orgasms, vaginal and or clitoral every time we have sex or when I play on my own.

#139 Age 34
Yes, given the information and know how you can definitely train yourself [to have orgasms] just like in anything else.

#164 Age 27
I desire sex more. Vaginal orgasms are better and the frequency is really up. It gave us something new to look for.

#175 Age 32
My sex life is much better now than last September. I enjoy sex more now because I am able to climax much more easily and frequently than before. Just 2 weeks ago I was able to masturbate and ejaculate all by myself with minimal play. I desire sex more frequently and I am more confident in my own body. My husband has truly enjoyed the results of your study as much as me, he loves when I squirt. I am so glad I did it! I am glad I was able to overcome feeling uneasy with my gspot to experiencing multiple orgasms. Thank you team for allowing me the chance to participate in the study that changed my life!

#206 Age 43
Although we have been in a very stressful time in our lives…there was a change in our sex life. She does get both vaginal and clitoral orgasms. We have recommended to a few of our friends and wish to be able to buy this program if it became available to the general public.

#243 Age 51
I believe the theory is correct and the body is trainable.

#246 Age 21
Outside of sex with my partner, I do continue to stimulate both my clitoris and g-spot. I do that at least once every day, though sex with my partner is included in the time spent, and the result is that sex is spectacular. I still have multiple orgasms and continue to enjoy every moment of them. I much prefer the concurrent orgasms because they give me far more pleasure than just one or the other. My new partner loves the sex even more when I have the whole body orgasms too, so I am very thankful for this study. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family so they can have more amazing sex and have more confidence in themselves, especially while in the bedroom, just like I have from this study! I think as long as the women, as well as their partners, make sure to abide by the instructions and faithfully continue to try to improve their sex life, they will be able to have as many vaginal, clitoral, and simultaneous orgasms as they want!

#285 Age 24
Your study has changed my life. I am able to ejaculate, have vaginal orgasms, clitoral orgasms, a more satisfying relationship with my partner, desire to have sex more often, and higher frequency of sex. As for exercises post study, I have not used the tool (even though I loved it during the study) because I am able to get quite similar results from sex, although the tool was better. I also spend more time rubbing and using external stimulation for clitoral orgasms (I do not get these from sex). This should definitely be for FREE on the internet! You might reduce some violence in the world if everyone could know optimum pleasure! I think it goes without saying I think this study was a good thing. I have already made recommendations to friends and shared information with them. I honestly don’t want to think of where I would be without your help- I thought I was an impossible case. Now I know I will get better the more I practice and the payoffs are astronomical.

#292 Age 32
I am more in tune and connected with my body and am able to recognize sensations better.Personally, I think the study is a good one. I had some difficulty with the videos initially, but otherwise I am a supporter. I feel I personally would have been more compliant if I had a partner to work it as I would lose focus and day dream with myself.

#329 Age 45
The biggest difference that I can attribute to the study directly is my increase in confidence in being able to achieve orgasm and even multiple orgasms.

#347 Age 37
[My sex life] is better because my partner and I have the information needed to make it work. I believe we can still improve.

#401 Age 42
[My sex life] is different. I have become less “hung up” about the need for toys (particularly the magic wand). Orgasms are stronger, longer, better, and more often multiple when toys are used along with intercourse. I feel like my “gspot” is more responsive than it was. Don’t know that I even knew where it was before, and orgasms are more often combined clitoral/vaginal.

#403 Age 42
I am thrilled to write that indeed my sex life, my love life, my marriage is definitely better. Granted we had a very strong relationship to begin with and an active and exciting sex life. I can’t speak on what the study would have done if that were not the case, as I believe it has everything to do with our dedication to the study and to each other that made it immensely successful. We talk all the time about how we still feel grateful and slightly disbelieving at how amazing sex has become. It is not an exaggeration. We did all the exercises and went on from there. I can’t say we do the “exercises” anymore because sex has sort of become our own project – constantly trying different positions, techniques and props. We now have standing sex dates and nothing gets in the way. There is plenty of planning and I have had to get a Victoria’s Secret credit card to pay for all of the outfits I wear for these! Additionally we have sex regularly several times a week instead of once or twice. Every other weekend when we do not have our children it’s a primary focus as well. As far as specific details, I squirt with ease and regularity. I also squirt more during each session. My husband has decided that he really likes this (I call it his fetish) and he encourages a lot of hydration leading up to the evening. He has done a lot of his own research on methods, the g-spot and female physiology. He informed me yesterday that since I am now 42 my vaginal walls are thinner and therefore sex satisfaction is higher for me. He is definitely correct. I know that discovering and working my g-spot has led to heightened feeling and satisfaction. It makes every position more enjoyable. Funny side note – my husband is a sports fanatic and he likes to engage in post-sex wrap ups, discussing all the details and the outcome… In general we use one (prone) position, however we have used others and I recently found that lying on my stomach was very appealing for whole body orgasm and squirting. We had tried it many times and it just didn’t work. But persistence paid off. We incorporate vaginal and clitoral orgasms most of the time now which leads to prolonged and unending orgasms for me. We do vary all three types during intercourse: vaginal, clitoral and both concurrently. I am also able to move on to intercourse and have additional orgasms even after my whole-body ones. We both spend time preparing for, planning and considering sex ideas before each time and the desire is very high. We were always happily married but we are even more so now. My husbands confidence and bravado is very appealing – he feels very proud of what he can “make his wife do.” I have a strong and outgoing personality. I’ve always been confident sexually. But this new-found sex life has made me even more confident. I’ve kept myself in better shape physically because of all the time I spend without clothes on! I feel so strongly about this that yes, I implore you to make it available on the Internet. Frankly – I am in marketing and my husband wants me to write about it online and help disperse the information. I have tried to impart the knowledge to my friends and family. I have gotten little to no successful responses back. I find that so surprising. I almost wonder if without having a study to take part in, my friends are not driven to make it work. And in the beginning it surely takes perseverance. I’m not sure how to get them to make the commitment, it’s hard to accurately convey the unbelievable improvement in ones sex life. I have to add that before the study I wasn’t sure I even believed in the squirting I saw in porn videos. It seemed staged. I know now how wrong I was. There is only one downside….. All the laundry!! We are constantly washing sheets and towels. Small price to pay.

#417 Age 52
Wow! My sex life has changed as a result of the study. I truly have awakened my g-spot. I have desire for sex because I now get something out of it! Orgasm!!! I also am very proficient with ejaculation!! I am still working on my clitoral responses. It still takes me a while to reach climax with clitoral stimulation. I find that if I squeeze my glutes really tightly, I can help get that very deep orgasm. I continue with the exercises once a week or less. Usually less. Cowgirl position is my preferred position, however, being 53 and my husband 54, he has a few issues that prevent this position doing anything for him. So we work it out! My relationship with my husband is at an all time high. I feel like we are having a new love affair. I am truly thankful for this experience and the personal growth I have experienced. I think about sex a lot. In the past, I wouldn’t even have a thought, and when I did, it was in hopes of “not tonight.” We have sex at least 2 times a week, sometimes 3. I really feel the program is beneficial and would recommend it being available to the public at large.

#440 Age unknown
I’d say [my sex life] is a little better because I take more time to be aware of what I’m doing and ask for more of what I like during sex… and I do have more vaginal orgasms now and get extremely wet sometimes, I think a bit of squirting, I just am not sure exactly how to gauge that – it’s doesn’t squirt out like a cock, but I can feel it a little. I’d say [this program is] valuable and beneficial! Life is fun, sex is fun, and the better the orgasm, the better the stress relief and enjoyment.

#441 Age 40
[My sex life] is pretty much the same because I was not disciplined in being exact with the methods laid out in the study and was not able to do sessions as frequently as suggested.

#459 Age 35
My sex life from Sept 2011 to Sept 2012 is a lot better. Before I could care less to have sex because I had never orgasmed. But being able orgasm during intercourse has made having sex a totally different experience. I enjoy it now and want it more often. It just keeps getting better and this study is what helped me get to that point. It has changed my sex life 100 percent. My partner and I think these methods you showed us would help a lot of people .

#468 Age 32
[My sex life] is better, though I am still having more solo sex than couples sex. I don’t get vaginal orgasms, but I do squirt a LOT and have clitoral orgasms easily (apart from one time since the end of the study). It’s difficult for me to orgasm without squirting, actually. It can get a bit messy. But, I don’t mind the clean-up. Sometimes I think I should invest in more towels as “cum cloths”. I am horny nearly every day (5-6 days a week). I am a lot more relaxed than before.

Participants Who Did Not Complete the Study

#159 Age 55
Thanks for doing this study. I think it was a good thing to do!

#273 Age 39
Yes there has been a difference. Going on the theory that the gspot can atrophy my now boyfriend and I have worked on finding it and massaging it. I’ve had more success with intercourse at achieving an orgasm but not where it happens everytime.

#313 Age 41
I still think this program is good to offer for free. I think a lot of women would try it if they knew they could improve their sex lives. I’m glad to have had the experience of being part of the study and would suggest it to any women and I would love have my next new partner help me practice what I learned and maybe be able to learn to orgasm in other positions.

#348 Age 54
Mostly I dropped out mainly because I didn’t put it on my TO Do list to answer your questions. The email would get buried. The beauty of the research was that it increased our sex life and results there of. The G spot is a fabulous research study, and I apologize for not continuing on in the study with you.

#389 Age 44
As far as my improvement, the study is a success. Thank you for including me.

#397 Age 33
It is a big commitment. I do think it helped me show my husband a few tricks and has been beneficial.

#402 Age 32
Continued modified exercises that I felt helped me get closer to achieving climax with a partner. I would attribute this change to the study.

#432 Age 47
I wanted to continue but it was impossible to stay committed to it. However I did continue to explore the exercises on my own and had positive results, thank you very much 🙂 Thank you for putting this out there, i think it could really help people, and if you need others for further studies, i would be happy to pass along to some of my friends.

#430 Age 54
We enjoyed doing the exercises every week and got in the regular habit of including the use of the g-spot stimulator and taking it with us to use on others.

#437 Age 47
Normally he stimulates me to almost orgasm clitorally, then begins inner stimulation. Since he began doing this, I have begun to have more “pleasure” feelings during intercourse. He and I have noticed how stress takes a GIANT effect on me in many ways, so reducing the stress is number one in our lives, and continuing to work on these exercises.

#446 Age 67
I left the study because I had to move. The study didn’t get my time and attention. I have been demonstrating the tool (G-spot Activator) to women whenever I can. I belong to a sex friendly community and demo the tool to women groups whenever we have a workshop. They are intrigued by it. I am so grateful I got in on the study and would be willing and able to participate if you ever do it again.

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