About Reboot

The Reboot Your Sex Life program is a step-by-step, proven plan for gratifying sex and a happier life! The foundation of this training program is simple, yet effective exercises. The exercises target your G-Spot and clitoris separately, or both areas simultaneously, so you can teach your body to become easily and multiply orgasmic.

How Reboot was Created
The exercises and information available through this website are partially the result of a study conducted by Abco Research Associates in 2011. The study enlisted participants from across the country that were instructed on how to train their bodies to radically increase their sexual response.

We began with the belief that the G-Spot area is a body of tissue that has atrophied over the years due to lack of use. We proposed that if the G-Spot was properly, sufficiently and regularly massaged, blood flow would increase, reawakening and redeveloping this area back to the state Mother Nature intended. We further felt that once an awakened state was achieved, muscle memory would set in and the ability to respond would remain.

We looked for female participants who identified themselves as not easily or non-orgasmic. The search resulted in 176 women expressing interest in participating and filling out the questionnaire.The online study was performed over a period of five months; during which time, the participants were asked to fill out eight reports answering questions about their progress, opinions, and the exercises they were given. Here is what some of them had to say:

I am loving what you have taught me my body can do…now I know why it was so important to go through steps!

I went from being totally non-orgasmic to being easily stimulated by such things as the vibration from riding in my car.

These exercises should be required studies for all girls at a younger age! I am 45 and can’t believe what I have been missing!

The study was a huge success, proving that women could be taught to expand their orgasmic response by multiples.

Reboot Your Sex Life
If you are ready to reboot your sex life, watch our introductory video to hear from participants . You do not have to spend any money to download the instruction manual or download any training videos, but we do offer tools to speed up the rebooting process.

Study Reports
During the study, participants completed 8 progress reports. Below are comments from the first 4 reports, the final report with statistics and comments from those that completed the study 6 months after it concluded. Click on each report title to read participant comments.

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Report 4 Final Report
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